Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams

Promises made in the dark
between passions that never cease.
All is lost
never to be found.
All are broken promises.
Friends when we met,
lovers from then after.
Now we are apart.
Pain fills my heart
lost in this universe.
Dreams of love filled my heart,
love between you and I.
Remorse for what I had done.
Dreams are lost
never again to be remembered.
All are shattered dreams.

by Genevieve Lilith Vesta

Comments (7)

A graceful granny is a gift of God for the grandchildren............................10
great work.....from a single nanny to a great poetrm....great...great
Amazing imagery with such beautiful lines that are so moving!
Venus made the tweet mandolin's strings, Rainbow then brought a colorful dress, Winds favored with a shining press, White hairs were dyed by aurora sprays, The poem abounds in beautiful images! Love this granny and her protecting love!
I was amazed by the beauty of this sweet poem.
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