Graceful Wings

Graceful wings carry me away
Tear my face and have me renamed
Lead me to happiness, not where I am today
Angel smile at me and give me relief
And take away all this insufferable grief
Lift my spirit until I feel no longer pain
And take away and destroy my heart
So I can no longer feel the hateful things
That I could feel in life at the very start
Take me away from all the agonizing noise
And back when I was playing with toys
Start my existence over because I screwed up
And I can’t go back and change my mistakes
I want to go back and forget who had me stuck
To go back I would take a thousand stakes
That would pierce into my body until I’d be dead
The blood would over flow in my corpse and in my head
Then my soul would thrift high in the air
Floating unleashed and I just wouldn’t care
The ones crying because I’ve taken myself out
Don’t cry because all along you were in doubt
In the end at the world I would just stare
Graceful wings take me anywhere but here

by sam, corrupt S, finley

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