As she walked into the room
it was as if my very life within
rose up to meet her presence
and without a glance I knew
she was aware
of my shy and sideways stare.
The excited chattering in the room
became insubstantial as
she swept her sights across
the gathered crowd
just as she swept her skirts
as she turned around.
And as her glass met her lips
I imagined the glass melting
in their warmth as her head turned
to face me and she walked on.
A walk that belied the gravity
that holds us mortals all in place
But she, she was free
as spirits playing in the air
and it was as if she never knew
about the pain or mans' despair.
A goddess surely visited us
and shone across the space between
converging all our fates
with love just dissolving hates.
Please note all ladies fair
what you can do with just a glance
when with love and shining face
you greet the world with a gentle grace.

by David Taylor

Comments (5)

I wish I was graceful...but I'm not.: -( Hugs, Dee
Sterling work, David...Excellent employment of imagery...Nice, crisp, tight structural work..Splendid Crafting, my friend. FjR
I agree with your ending like in my [eyes that glance across a crowded room line in Lost Chances.] this is magically enjoyable, like a gentle flirting put to words...Can't let those moments pass us by for, there may never be another chance to recapture, what could have, should have, might have been....marci.xo
and a graceful tribute it is too, gentil parfit cnight!
Just marvelous poem you got here David. You were able to capture the aura or emotional atmosphere when men like us are captivated by the garcefulness of women. They struck us flatfooted sometimes. worth 10.