LH (39 forever / Sweet Carolina)


March 15,2016

If I showed you all my sorrow
Would my ramblings then make sense?
Would it cut right through confusion
The pain, as my defense

If my whispered words could reach you
Then perhaps, at last you'd see
Between the lines, you'd find the meaning
Of the fire that burns in me

It seems to me, so senseless
To squander such a flame
When it rages bright and beautiful
When it burns on without a name

But, I guess there is no meaning
In a jaded point of view
There's no love to find redeeming
There's no passion shining through

For years I've loved and kept you
In the sanctum of my heart
But when I searched to find your honor
What I found was cool and dark

You didn't have the heart to love me
Or the regard to keep me warm
And into a sea of doubt I stumbled
Where I've languished in the storm

Hope was like a golden apple
That I've held above the waves
It was my faith, my life preserver
In this dream I've tried to save

But the weigh became too heavy
As years came and went
Till I had no strength to hold it
When the pain would not relent

I never dreamt my heart would take me
To this restless, lonely place
Where I have no faith in promise
And I've given up on grace

Copyright © 2016 Leria Hawkins, All Rights Reserved

by Leria Hawkins

Comments (2)

Enjoyed it…but will always have grace, don’t give up on it.
This piece has such a nice rhythmic flow through it. There are a couple of little stutters when I read it aloud, but I will have a more detailed look at it and come back with some suggestions later. Good work, nonetheless. Danny.