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Gracious Anointing
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Gracious Anointing

Poem By Damien Land

Is this life?
Sitting and waiting for what
seems to be a never-ending search for you.
I’ve fallen far from grace and nobody knows,
nobody can see past my lies and I don’t know how to stop.
Someone please save me.
Nobody has taken the time to listen.
“Your such an amazing person” they say as the go off with someone else.
Amazing’s not what it used to be.
I’ve tried opening up but no one talks,
and they say that I’m the quite one.
I’m lost in the middle of my own concoction of self reliance.
Inside my mind I see you,
my mind has turned against me
showing me what could be
but then I awaken and see what is.
Is this life or is this existence.
Gracious anointing save me.

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