Graduation Is Posh

Go, Erik Go. You are walking in the spotlight of stars tonight, at County
College of Morris Twenty-eighth Commencement Celebration rite. How exhilarating your mother feels? Words fail to justify this night. But, my heart
overflows with pride, joy and radiant bliss, that I want to jump up and do the "Twist." Son, instead, I give you a bear hug and cheek kiss, which is better than a slipped disk.
Sniff, Sniff, mother weeps. I just remembered your baby years. It was so
hard loving you then. I worked dog tired; had little rest, while I tried to
do my very best. Everyday as I cradled you against my chest and watched you
suckle lying at rest, bonded superfluous strength to survive the Single
Parent Test and the stamina to do the rest.
Woo, Woo, Woo, mother shouts as Erik ascends the stage steps for his degree.
He smiles with glee and gives two "Thumbs" up to me. When he returns seated, I
congratulate him saying, "My son, let 'God's Beacon' signal your pathway,
when an unexpected life wobble leave your mind in a boggle. Stay plugged into
life using positive discipline, diplomacy and tact. These are strategies that work, when golden opportunity explodes like sparkling fireworks.
Go, Go, Go, mother yells from her gut, as the ceremony ends; the happy class
leave walking, in a last unity strut. Erik's cap is pitched high into the sky,
outside. He is next to hop aboard the "Opportunity Roller Coaster Ride."

by Eleanor Lynar

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