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Grail Inside The Relished Angles '98

well he looked around for a mirror
his expo told of a bleeding trolly
the cuts inside quotes succeed
in calling out a name to the frownen mans head
he actually studied a memory in stale anguish
and felt the organs melt the wooden branches in his lungs
ohh he screamed horribly in front of the window
wiping off his torso he exerpt a tear
from a blocked out screen it was the shear
folding him into peices up on the drawer
i made him a bed to tuck himself inside a box
when he cried out loud in the middle of the night
i woke remaining stable on how he wont differ
if i showed a light that seemed fossily grey
for if i told him the tuck wont end
sadly i greifed and let the mischeif out of him
walked away the streetlights bounced off him accordingly to the moat
where he got some water and stared into the cabin
with a mask in hand he took them prisoners
made fools out of their father he was just asking for more,
of that feeling we get when the bodies cant take no more
i assume that this is robbing so i drink from his mouth
and acted like a clown whos being tortured by the crowd
lying down laughing at how quiet it sounds
the left debris were asking for the following lead
but it wasnt me it was those beggers who fled the scene and i wondered why
did we do all we can
to make his life a little more perspective
on how he sees the trees or how the moon shines when its dark outside
the rain was in the sky and i offered him a drink
the guy said no so i left cloudy
i offered the grail and he didnt want no more i suppose
that us on the ground made him know
that everything in the whole world is still offering up a toast to anything
that poor statue didnt think that we'd all be praying alive inside our homes
these little dolls stand beside the fireplaces
and we mourn the dead to them in an act of praise?
i feel that a hoax is amoung us
so peacefully drown with a bible in hand
and be asking for forgivness from the statue of christ
for hes your forgiving disposable ceramic landmine

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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