SA ( / Victoria, Canada)

Grain Of Thought

Take a moment, take a step back,
Take a look around, take a breath.
Look for what you least see
life, liberty, justice; laws on paper
Should they be?

Complacency leads, courage follows rather timidly.
One can save agony, distress. Other leads to distinction.
Achieve heights of immortality? Nay, in this life.

For eternity lies in the Hereafter
We bloom here; we perish here
Who has the time for appreciation?

Running on empty, destination blurred.
Awk of passions leaves a wasteland,
of broken dreams, broken hearts!

If “reap what you sow”, then I reap a grim harvest.
I go hungry. How can I then offer succor to my beloveds?

Lost in a world; lost in thought
Will I be found again?

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