Grain Of Trust

There are days when many things in our lives
clearly appear to get the best of us.
There may not seem to be a single hope in sight
until we put our hopes in trust.
Nothing is quite as bad as it seems
it may look bad for now.
We can converse with God he understands
as we cast our worries from our brow.
Every day that passes he heals
makes us strong of will
Until we can make light of our goals
and a easier climb uphill
It is not always against a storm of sand
ruthless with it's guest
We must try and remember, alot can be blessed
from a single grain of trust.

by James E. Dunham

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sometimes life can be so overwealming and hatred and hurt surrounded all around you. There are days when you cant get out of bed or dont want to with how much death and sadness is all around. But this is true...having TRUST in something has big meaning. Very nice poem......