KH (11/15/37 / New Jersey)

Grains Of Sand

Rolling in receding back
I watch the ocean’s waves.
Wondering what do they bring
or take away.

Reaching to my feet
some sand I scoop.
Through my fingers
those tiny grains flow.

Some so smooth
as if their journey long.
Others jagged sharp.
Had they not traveled far?

I muse to myself
What tales could they tell?
Relating their travels
carried by the seas.

if any what secrets
might they hide?
Tragedies triumphs
fair seas and foul.

Had they witnessed
great things and small?
As my mind wandered
imagination followed.

Again the waves roll in.
Now the sand is gone.
That sand I held
taken away.

Where will the seas
carry those grains?
On what other shores
will they a visit pay?

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Im a desert sand Traveling with wind A desert sand will always remain I love the golden grains...the sand of time....I loved your poem