(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Gramma's Apron (Children)

Gramma's gone but not forgotten,
that's her apron hanging there.
It still hangs in Grampa's kitchen
sometimes he looks at it and stares.

When Gramma wore her apron
it was magical to see.
The pockets held such treasures
for the grandkids just like me.

Saw it shine up Grampa's fender once,
just as pretty as you please,
and it wiped my brother's cheek off
one time when he sneezed.

It took cookies from the oven
and it rushed to wipe a tear.
Got a grain of sand out of your eye,
and made a lap for the stories we'd hear.

It wiped spills up from the countertop
when she was baking pies,
a symbol of her love and care
and it showed, too, in her eyes.

Sometimes I'm sad to look at it
when I see my Grampa stare.
Gramma's gone but not forgotten.
That's her apron hanging there.

by C.J. Heck

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