Grammar School

On the loose;
So far,
With wicked souls.
A pedestrian!
Whisked away;
Grammar, ram, arm, am, gram, rag, Ama, Mama!
Places and objects,
A view of the city!
With a building in the forest.
Love, muse, life!
With a river in the forest;
To the same spot;
And, to harness all available resources to meet up your schooling.
Eliectric lady,
Eliectric child,
Electric man;
You are who you are in this town,
But, the truth is always there!
So, search for it and keep it as a valued property when you find it.
With the beauty of nature;
Studying at Grammar School to beef up your knowledge,
As the muse of the rainbow caem along to greet you.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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