DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)


I am not sad
gonna be glad
I'm a grand-dad

I suppose I should
feel old
but a grand-dad
is as good as gold

So I am told
the kids pee
on your knee,
but this brings luck!

And luck I'm
going to need
because this 'steed'
is feeling 'old' indeed....

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Comments (5)

Old in body, ah well... Old in spirit? Never you, Dave! Lucky little one to have someone as fun as yourself to pee on! And to hug and kiss and all the rest - lucky you, too! Happiness to you all! Esther : ]
I agree with Adrienne, Tara and Pat. Grandchildren make you feel young again, they love you because you are YOU, and we love them back with a special love only grand-parents understand. You'll even get used to the peeing and puking, believe me! ! Love, Fran the Fan xx
Being a grandma is the greatest. Especially when they hold their little arms up for you to pick them up and then give you a kiss. Heaven sent Dave, makes ya young again! Patricia
They pee, they puke, they pull your glasses/moustache/etc and shortly will want you to chase them up the stairs. And are the most wonderful gift in the world, I'm told.... congratulations indeed. How about a tribute piece?
Congratulations David! ! ! I am sure you will be a grand papa~!