Grand Grandchildren

Eight grandchildren! All of them grand.
They're cute, they're nice. They show me they care.
We can get together anywhere.
My children, you're a flower, a gift of love.
Heaven knows I'm thankful for that joy from above.
You talked to the Father when you were very very small.
And now that you've grown, that isn't all.
You like to share your pictures, or a story that you've made.
They're nice to look at, nice to read. To me they're works of jade.
There's a little bit of heaven in the smiles these children give;
A little bit of heaven in the way they like to live.
They know they must live each precious hour the best that they can be.
Their parents and their Lord made riches they could see.
The wonders of the universe showed them God is great!
The sunlight arching through the mists,
The promises of hope and faith are the rainbows we await.
Just as a tender sapling's bent, we know that this is so,
God has bent us just the way He wanted us to grow.
Heaven knows I'm thankful every day and night
For this gift of love, a flower for delight.

by Mary Lee Becker

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