Grandad Iii Teddy's Dilemma

It had been raining all day when Lauren came to stay,
We were all sat around wondering what games to play.
It was soon decided to play hide 'n seek,
"You're on, Grandad, close your eyes and don't peep."
Lauren goes off with Lassie and Blaze to hide.
Her dolls and Teddy scampering behind.

Lauren creeps behind the curtains
Leaving her tiny shoes sticking out.
Lassie just managed to squeeze in behind the couch,
Blaze shot through the open back door,
Grabs Teddy with his head,
Then buries him like a bone behind Grandad's toolshed,
Blaze dives under her blanket she uses for her bed.

"Coming, ready or not", Grandad's heard to shout,
He soon spots Lassie for her tail is sticking out.
His attention is drawn to the curtains,
Points to Lauren, a tittering little bump.
The friends all look around, but Teddy can't be found.

Blaze rescues Teddy, but he's now in a terrible mess,
Grandad thinks a warm bath will be for the best.
Teddy is wrapped in a towel and given a warm cup of tea,
He slowly recovers looking all shy and meek,
Says, "It's great fun when playing hide and seek.

by Kenneth Pendlebury

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