We Can'T

We can’t build permanent shelters
We can make people run helter and skater
We can go to outer space and walk
We can’t see eye to eye and talk

We can spend millions on nuclear
We may know but still not clear
Prepared to go for innocent’s kill
Unable to go for and protect the will

We may build many more dungeons
But will not go for help to regions
We can witness hunger and starvation
We have no time to go for observation

We have powerful greed to swallow
But not let others something to allow
We have systems to annihilate human beings
But no will power to make poor a king

We have everything at our disposal
But no mechanism for its addressable
We may go for or dwell at any length
But not enough courage to go with strength

We are being graced with many resources
We are equipped to meet undesirable forces
It is needed for and waiting for skillful execution
What required is human touch and firm resolution

No hunger, no starvation deaths and poverty
Movement and freedom with full liberty
We can do or achieve anything impossible
Make it worth while with trend reversible

So many things we may be unable to perform
Fully alive to the situation and readily informed
We weigh it in term of loss or gain
All good efforts should not go in vain

Think in terms what I can perform or do?
How much I can be sensitive or true?
Has that got large bearing on masses?
Have I to be sincere without making any passes?

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (2)

Come on What a wonderful poem
How beautifully, tenderly, wisely said. The perfect poem to teach the grandchildren sensitivity to other creatures