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Grandfather's Advice

Maybe had I never lied
And spoken only truths or parts
And in this then deceit had died
Still faith would battle doubting hearts

Maybe had I never loved
And risked my heart in fate’s romance
Or maybe it is just because
Life asked of me a simple chance

Maybe had I never fought
And let the world toss me about
Then what I am and then were not
Had found in me a weaker route

Maybe had I never learned
And let fill mind with ignorance
And life with furrowed brow concerned
Had swiftly turned indifferent

Maybe I were not so old
And life would laugh at death again
Instead it is, or so I’m told
That death will soon become my friend

Or maybe I had never lived
And wasted life on these what if’s
So with remaining breaths I give
Advice, the words, don’t end like this

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Another lovely read Ben, your flow is superb, your poems are a delight. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX