Grandma And Grandpa

Grandma and grandpa need an iron,
they’re such a wrinkly pair.
I am sure they weren’t that crumpled,
the last time I was there.

Grandpa is bold and grandma is grey,
grandpa, says grandma has chased his hair away,
grandpa has no teeth, grandma has a few,
grandpa can wiggle his false teeth,
When he looks at you.

Grandpa can’t remember,
a lot of things that are said.
So, grandma has to shout,
to get it into his head,

I love them both, their very kind to me,
I wouldn’t like to be with out,
grandpa and grandma you see.

Grandpa grows veg, in his vegetable patch,
grandma can freeze it, to make it last.
Grandpa, says grandma cooks such lovely grub,
grandma says to grandpa lets eat,
then go down to the pub.

Grandpa has a pint,
grandma has a sherry.
After a few grandma gets quite merry,
they talk about the olden days,
and the things they used to do.
That was before I was born,
and before my Mum was born too,

There was home made ginger beer,
not like what you get now.
In those days, they said,
it was taster some how.
There were coal men with horses,
rag and bone men too.
Coming down their road,
shouting things to you.

The children were playing ball,
playing cow boys and Indians,
or just sitting on a wall.

They made their own entertainment,
there was much more laughter too,
I love to listen about the things,
grandpa and grandma used to do.

by Pamela lutwyche

Comments (6)

Such memories as these, are priceless, as is the way you write them. I like this style which is like a poem meeting a story. I also love the wit that runs right through it. I don't give marks, (I'm not a teacher) . this would have been 10.64 recurring Steve A Mad Merseyside poet
Always looking back to the golden days of youth through rose tinted glasses but sharing their life with you
sooo lovely, pamela. you are so lucky you still have them around. great write.
back to childhood says people are the same at the age of 7 and 70 good work
I love this poem. It's humorous, and I can visualize grandma and grandpa too, they sound like a fun pair.! I'm glad you listen to their stories and wrote this poem, It will be fun for you to look back at it years from now and enjoy.
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