Grandma's Quilt

The edges are worn on this old quilt
From years of keeping me warm.
She sewed each piece by hand with love
A craft she mastered through years of practice.

As the days pass, no more quilts will there be
Because my grandma will not be with me.
Soon she will be leaving, to find a better place,
A place where she will be free from pain
And see my grandpa's face.

I'll never be ready to say goodbye
To one I love so dear.
I'll keep her in my heart for now
And try to hold back the tears.

So many pieces she sewed together
In all her years on earth.
Working so hard, so many patterns,
A quilt for each new birth.

Our favorite colors, and wonderful memories
All spun up in this twine.
A kaleidoscope of life and love,
Wrapped in this quilt of mine.

by Debbie Peterson

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