Grandmother Dear

Grandmother dear as your lying there, your skin so wrinkled and your hands so cold
I wish I could be the one who could take your place for growing old
you smile at me and give me a little wrinkled wink
Your so full of love and warmth, I can't imagine what you think

My heart fills with love and my eyes fill with tears
As I sit and think what you've meant to me for so many years
I kiss you on the cheek and I tell you good bye
You turn to me and say 'so long' and I always wondered why

But when you go to sleep to take that final rest
I'll know you went to see God, for he only takes the best
Just remember Grandmother dear, no matter where you go
In my heart and my memories I will always know

It was you that gave me strength to miss you with a smile
For I know you walked with God that long last mile
I wanted to be selfish and beg you not to leave me
I know that when you go, it is in heaven that you'll see me

Close your eyes with peace, grandmother dear
For my thoughts, love and memories will always be here
When your journey in this life is over and done
You will have found your final resting place with God, for his home is the only one

by lori mansfield

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A delightful tribute to your Grandmother!