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Grandmother's Pearled Amazements
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Grandmother's Pearled Amazements

Poem By Jan Houston

In waiting dreams
I see your fingers tinier
than the instant wings
of hummingbirds
sweetest petals
of a sweeter baby daisy
that you let me smoothe
each one
and count
and know that you
already know me
even before you open
your cornflower
ocean eyes
to baptize us anew
unto wisdom

You recognize the circle
of my light in yours
and let me stroke
your perfect cheek
with softest back
of my thin hand
and bid me sculpt
a grandmother’s
first priceless
shining string
of pearled amazements
to see the thought
of You
born in our lives

Come to share
keen grand adventures
newgreen learning
and yellow balloons
and days
of our little secret
game where I always
let you be
the first to win
the first to realize
and we’ll let the rest
be bright surprise
and water colored awe
and art
and crayon colored
laughter along
the golden road
to freedom

And as you open
your morning
glorious eyes
I shall turn to your
beautiful mother
and to your
brave fine father
and by my speechless
joy will thank them
for the infinite gift
of another
I am allowed to love

~ for Hunter Dana Jackson ~

Copyright@2004,2005 Jan Houston
All Rights Reserved

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