The View Outside My Window

The view outside my window
Never stays the same
The picture is always changing
From dawn to dusk
And as each season come to call
Winter, spring, summer and fall

Winter with its blanket of white
That covers every living thing
Icicles sparkle like jewels under a cold days sun
Spring sees a sea of green
And with it new life begins to stir
From every living thing

Summer captivates with colours
The flying things are back
Flitting from flower to flower like a fickle lover
Then the autumn comes to call
Colours fade and die to dusky brown
The harvest begins in earnest
Bountiful food supply snapped up by hungry mouths

Before the chills of winter
Again begin to call.

30-31 March 2007

by David Harris

Comments (2)

sadly we haven't time for much of this anymore
This poem is so real and old fashioned but coming from Indiana too years back I still say un's when I talk to my kids, just like the way he does in the poem of 'Granny' Thanks Poet hunter for printing this on here. I have enjoyed reading many poems here on your site..Thanks.