Granny's Flying Kitchen

Granny’s Flying Kitchen

Across from Historic Bathhouse row
Jim Gustison, Owner, the place to go
Granny’s Flying Kitchen, all the best
Granny’s special, chopped ham, scrambled eggs
Hash browns or grits, they pass the test
Homemade biscuits from the warmer
Served to you from a Cessna, Bamboo Bomber
The Red Barron serves you purple hull beans
From the Goodyear Blimp your turnip greens
Corn puffs, fried squash, mashed potato
Served to you from a Mitsubitsi Zero
Macaroni salad, cold-slaw, hash brown potato
Pinto beans, fried okra, fresh sliced tomato
Hot blackberry cobbler you like the best
Served underneath a hornets nest
Sausage links, smoked ham, biscuits and gravy
Pork chop, chicken fried steak, sweet and savory
Omelets made plain or with cheese and ham
Will you please pass the jelly or the jam
Grandpa’s favorite, sausage with two eggs and bacon
Smoked ham, grits, hash browns, and all the makin’s
Pineapple, peaches, bananas, blueberry waffles
Sugar powdered French toast, now that's a mouthful
Dwayne the chef, has the oven ready and hot
To fix your breakfast, lunch and dinner
At Granny’s Flying Kitchen, on the spot

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