(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Grant’s Farm

We visited a place called Grant’s Farm
So Spooky and chilling and charming
The perfect place for this time of year
But some things we found a bit alarming

This is the ancestral home, my friends
Of the famous Busch family, you know
The farm named for our president, Ulysses
281 acres that the family loves to show

We chatted with adorable animals
That lived on this wonderful farm
But as we made our way around
We saw some things that set off an alarm

For spooks were hiding in areas
You’d never even think to look
You could tell Halloween is coming
At times a deep breath we quickly took

Perhaps some day you too can visit
A wonderful setting with such charm
You will enjoy it tremendously as we did
This place in St. Lewis called Grant’s Farm!

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