Grasping Being Bittersweet

To me, the wind blows, that is life
To me, the cold air gives greif or comfort
and the warm speandour, and ease
the nothingness of nothingness is nothing

The twilight dreams are just dreams
Emotions i feel, lightning hits me
Waking up the singing birds in the tree
Black eyed turn to a rainbow

Calm faces turn grimm
The clayfaced, animated angry man
It turns to plane white paper when gone
Leaves fall slowly on my lap, so do raindrops but hard

Scissors cut throught my silhouette soul
Words fall like tears
Crumpled under the foot of expectations
Tied down like a bull, nothing to do

Vast, worldy, wise and cunning, abstract
Gone with the eyes of others
Take back that sweet time of happiness
Leave with a sweet smile and live with it forever

i can't...

by August de Leon

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