Grasshopper, Lawnmower And My Sweet Adolescence

Over the quiet lawn
why this Lawnmower make a big noise?
I cannot hear her chirping
and see the hops.
I remember my schooldays.
The hop-step & jump in the sports meet.
A girls school adjoining to our building
and I was in the Rambler's mischievous batch.
Go behind girls always.
It's really funny.
I gave a letter to a girl who was my younger sister's class mate.
One day my poor mom was reading the letter loudly
and all of my family members passed remarks at me.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (2)

very well painted picture. keep it up nimal.
A charming light hearted memory, but a bit nostalgic too. Pictures of chilldhood and the teen age years linger in the mind to create poetry in later life. You can smile about your letter being read aloud now, but it must have been rather painful for you at the time. Kindest regards, Sandra