Gratefully Dead

The blade going into my flesh
as i fell the pain i long to feel
i think of my mom
and what she will think.
i think of my friends.
i don't want to loose them.
but they're better off without me anyway.
No note this time.
spur of the moment; not planned.
will anyone understand?
i look down...
blanket covered in blood.
thoughts run through my head.
'Do I really want to do this? '
of course i do!
i race to the bathroom to get gauze and band-aids.
i cover it up and lay on my bed,
the felling running out of me,
'It's to late, ' i think to myself.
That night i died there.
laying on the bed.
but only on the inside
i realize that morning
as i wake up
andthrow up all over the floor.
i say aloud
'I'm alive'
thinking on the inside,
'Til next time.'

by Ellie Watts

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thank GOD you did not die cos i myself would not want o loose u.