DN (13 Feb 1977 / New Zealand)

Gratias Magister



Na Gode

Take a peek please, Magister

Tweaked insight

Traversed the dark terrestrial plains

To bring forth the light

In its wake hope

And hope who is found

Carried on nightingale wings

Came around

Edges of night

Edges of light

Edge of the fury, the tempest, the plight

Now, now is dawn

No, more forlorn

Zephenia, Lucien, Mario


by Dawn Novus

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Comments (3)

Looks like a call to dear ones to leave the beds at a lovely dawn. I liked simplicity of this poem.
It's a beautiful poem! ...Liked your optimistic poetic expression, Now, now is dawn/No, more forlorn'.....10
Asante! ! Asante! Like a tribe in Ghana with the same name. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.