Religion how much I loathe you
Deceitful are your ways
Barring The Door to birth anew
Through Satan’s velvet haze

In scarlet, purple, gold galore
Prideful pompous array
Since birth, contrary to Heaven’s law
You’ve led God’s flock astray

In flowing robes, with diverse hats
Chanting here and there
Eating camels, vomiting gnats
Demonic ploys to share

The Lord God’s real, His Word stands true
The Bible shares no lie
Where is the devil leading you?
Think well; before you die

Survey God’s Word and not your own
Reject the devil’s hand
Trust neither he, nor flesh and bone
If life you’ll understand

Christ alone is The Truth and Life
The Way through Heaven’s Door
Your selfish paths festooned with strife
Leading to constant war

You think you see, believe to know
The Father’s awesome will
Whilst further from The Truth you go
Hell’s burning lake to fill

Consider what the bible says
Not what customs dictate
Repent of hell’s religious ways
Before it gets too late.....

by Michael P. Johnson

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