Gratitude And Love For The World

When I'm depressed...

I Remember...How much I have to be grateful for

I feel a sense of security and I feel good
I define goodness as kindness and respect
for myself and others and the Earth

Crowds make me feel involved with life
and that I am part of this great wonderful world

I love people watching and analyzing

I Feel overwhelming love for my dog
Did you have a favorite pet as a child?
Did it have a name? Mine was called 'Jessie'
She was an adorable long coated German Shepherd
we put her to sleep when we had to leave
our home in Africa

I knew so much through instinct
They were not things I learned at school
They were 'not' on the curriculum
What I learned came from difficult experiences
that I had to go through

If I wrote a letter to the world it would say
'Show more love'
Be more patient and
Take a gentle approach to your vibration

Thanks to much suffering lessons
I feel 20 years old inside because
life is treating me well now
and I have a young
loving heart filled with faith and trust

I define Faith as a total understanding
and belief in the creator of the world
no matter what we call that being
We are all one with that creator

I Wrote a letter to my mother
telling her how much I loved her
but it was too late as she had already
passed away

but I know she read it because
I had faith that she could do so in spirit

My biggest lesson in life came from
suffering. It was a hard lesson
but the best foundation there was
for who I am today

An old resentment in my now healed heart
would be not having a great family to grow up in.
But I found a family in the world
Luckily I feel aligned with my inner and outer me
I am a child of spirit and understand my journey

Let my hands join with all
to hold this world up
To honour it and protect it
for without it we could not be

by Janice M Pickett

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