Gratitude To A Black Bird

Poem By Rod Mendieta

Black bird perched on the eave
Croaking a dissonant note amidst
So many Nightingales
Are you aware of my gaze?
Can you discern my silent praise
Of your lustrous coat and yellow eye?
Have you an inkling of my wish
That you be dealt a fair hand?
Do you care at all? Probably not,
Though I know you alighted here
From an abode in a higher ground
Where, perhaps, eternal ties
Bind us with unaware resoluteness.
Like an old friend I can only say
You've graced my weary mornings
With your lustrous coat
And your peering, yellow eye.

Comments about Gratitude To A Black Bird

You've graced my weary mornings With your lustrous coat And your peering, yellow eye. i read many of your poems here and fine transcendence comes up in so many poems.. every poet should transcend the mundane and delve in a level higher..... thank u for this poem dear poet. tony
You're a great poet Rod, there's a lot we can learn from your poetry, thanks for sharing this admiration
again. ;) oh, i see your response below. perhaps this will be good in a future showcase, if you wish. or i wish! ! bri :)
I like that you had a nice experience with a black bird, I didn't with mine lol. Then mine was more the barer of bad news.(never mind me) lol... I really enjoyed reading this. Annette
Rod I like your poem gratitude to a blackbird I'm no expert im a make it up poet, this gives me pleasure internally very nice Stu

4,5 out of 5
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