My Heart Is Full

My heart is full.
It has drowned in the despair.
My eyes leak what is left over of my heart’s tears.

The endless river flowing under my skin
Pulsing with life yet not quite alive

The seed that has been protected, is slowly being put out.
Being sucked along in this flood that comes from the pain the heart bleeds.

Will my heart die?
Can it survive, this island of despair?
As my spirit lies crumpled on the floor of this collapsing island
Hateful words swimming around like sharks in a pool of innocent blood, my blood.

Will my mind be able to reach the spirit in time?
To pull it up and lock it away till the time is better?

What will happen?
I’m anxious to know

The island can hardly hold the limp body
The body that does not want to live
Yet is afraid to die

What will happen?
I’m anxious to know

by Corina Vitale

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