My Letter To Love

My Letter 2 Love
by Steven B Ford

I love being in love with you.
 It's all I think about some days.
 I watch the sun during the day as it rises.
 How it climbs from behind the sea
 Sits a top of mountians.
 I love watching the wind blow through the trees
 The way it feels as whips across my face.
 Watching the birds chirp and fly throught the sky
 The color of the sea surrounding this island of love. 
 I love being in love with you.
 My heart is filled with love's emotion.
 My soul reaches out to grab the hand of that love.
 My mind is one with yours
 We think together, act together.
 I have butterflies when you tell me you love me
 I love being in love with you. Because it is you.
 I want 2 taste love's breath; breathing your air.
 You are love. You are love's song playing in my heart. 
 You complete me and I want to complete you.
 I am so in love with you.

Copyright © 2009

by Steven Ford

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