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Grave Of The Fireflies

The strong, brave soldier man
Marches off to war
One hand on a gun, resting from work
The other is bandaged with scars
Far away a woman cries
With photographs in her arms
She wishes she could be there with her baby boy
To protect him from harm
The daughter and the son
Mournfully dress in black
Because they know, although he’s not dead yet
He’s never coming back.
A fellow brother of the squad
Clutches dog tags in his hands
He’s just another soldier
Lost in the desert sands
And the little ones kneel
Beside their bed and pray
That they’ll see their daddy
Up in heaven one day

Dedicated to the families of fallen soldiers.

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very moving, and this is amazing writing. :) btw i like your last name. take care -Katie Thurman
; D IT MOVES MEH SEXINESS! ! ! ! (i like it alot) Very heart warming!
Very movingly expressed. Genuine emotion on display that draws the reader in and obliges them to share the tragedy of it all. Very good writing.