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Gravel Path

They cheered the president when he arrived by plane
Even when he had caused both death and pain,
The streets were crowded as was almost every block
Racists and bigots gathered together like a deranged flock.
Then as before when the president spoke
Evil in each one of his followers then again awoke,
He shouted, "Down with the needy, and let's forget the poor"
His supporters sounded as one, as his name they did roar.
"Illegal immigrants", they all shouted, "We all should shoot dead"
"Let's give more to the wealthy and then let's not share our bread",
I then heard and saw people not turning the other cheek
Then I saw them attacking the scared, the innocent and the weak.
When I looked all about me I didn't see Christianity anywhere
I was then ashamed to ask for forgiveness, or even say a prayer,
Then when the supporters became full of wrath
I saw Jesus sadly walking away, on a old gravel path.

Randy L. McClave

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I love this poem! It's asking me questions that I ask myself all the time and tgat makes a good poem! !