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~graven Image~

Gone like the sands of time-
Myself of days gone by-
Resurected into brillant light-
That fill the heavenly skies-

Taken and remolded now-
From a piece of mellowed clay-
Finely shaped and folded-
Helping me to find a betterway-

For long ago i rode the train-
Of misery and complacency-
Never knowing where i truly stood-
Soul filled with insufficiency!

Traveling a path that was curved-
And wide...
Today i take a path less traveled-
For i am a spirit renewed-
Never again to unravel-

For it is by the Grace of my God-
That there is a brand new me-
For if it were not for Him- and His Light-
I do not know where i'd be-

Maybe i'd be sailing the ocean blue-
Or a place un-kinder-
Perhaps thrown in the bowels of Hell-
Ah, but what a most divine reminder!

Dedicated: To God

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