WLL (12th March 1963 / Liverpool)

Graveyard Bed

You're a Long Time Dead
Or so the saying is said
You waste you're time
all day in bed.

Time is precious
Time is short
Yet you don't know
how much 'Time' you've bought.

You take life for granted
Pottering around.

Do you know
what could be around
the next corner?

If only you would
take that chance
Meeting new people
Start a new romance.

Life is mysterious
an unknown quantity
Yet you spend all day
with a ciggy
sipping tea.

You cannot be bothered
to take a look around.

At the wonders of life
And what could be found.

Opening doors
is not you're cup of tea.

You're life is a gift
that is wasted you see.

On yourself -
You don't know what
you want to be.

But you're grave
is getting nearer
Yet you're too blind to see.

That you are getting older
Time is flying by
And before you know it
Within the blinking of an eye.

You are gone.
You're a Long Time Dead.

Potential unfulfilled
Within a GraveYard Bed...

by Wayne Leon Learmond

Comments (1)

Wasted talent, wasted life. Potrayed very well in this poem. Preets