Bring Me Sunshine! (For My Old Pal Al)

Alas we live
continually in the past

sunlight taking
a good 8 minutes to get to us

across those long lonely galatic reaches
to smile upon us little creatures.

That big old fat sun
(though really realatively young)

our friendly familiar
yellow hydrogen bomb

is doomed...
....doomed to go bust

in just
another mere 5 billion years or so.

And so, being a sensible man
I am determined to get as much sun as I can

cancer be damed!

And so
I brown form head to toe
whilst drinking copious Campari &

Staying perfectly calm
& perfectly pissed

enjoying the sun
or what's left of it.

by Dónall Dempsey

Comments (3)

Your right they should leave them be... A subject you care about David, it comes out in your poem...10
No one should violate their resting place. It is greed and thoughtlessness. Lovely sentiments David. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
I agree.....leave them to the sea........