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Human Blood
(14 March 1879 - 16 March 1932 / Brussels)

Human Blood

Bangladesh! In the day of glory past, where I was born
What a beauty was conceived, evening and in the morn
In the moment, hottest water and tear cell as a deity bark
Where is the glory! Lost all reverence, bush less park

Midnight I saw arms stretched out, shoulder to hand.
What is doing, what to be done? Not able to understand
Hopeless collusion is their burns, reason of so much pain
They're afraid to chafe flesh against flesh again
Blood of a religious and bared old man on the ground
was marred with suffering, but he made no sound

He has gone, and he has gone, where I don't know
I am a poet, I am a nature, no one is to me foe
Here silence is common to us of all,
I heard no cries, no weep uttered, nor a single word…

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