As I awake in a land of disregard
As I am judged, and betrayed
As I am questioning the love of my family and friends
As I am seeing the color gray
I question myself my beliefs and my soul
As my unanswered questions are left in the cold
As I hear the sad melody
I fear where to turn
As my soul cried for deliverance
I began to believe that trust would never return
So Christ I turn to you
You are my only trust
For you are the only one with an amiable touch
For you are never proud
angry or insubordinate
For you are always
understanding, gentle and kind
For you never judged, or betrayed me
you would just open my eyes when ever I become blind
So come to me salvation
and lift the dark winds of my soul
Make me believe again
That there are different colors that exist for everyone in this world
That yellow and red are the fire of passion
That green and blue are serene and cool
That pink and purple are just as sweet
That brown is humble, with a wise soul
Make me believe that these colors can show a way
That there are more colors, other than the color gray

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