Gray Is In To Stay, Maybe ..... [aging; Gray/Grey Hair; Very Short; Thanks To R.A. Poteet For Inspiriing Me]

Do not struggle, R.A.Poteet.
With gray... you can't compete.
Curl it, comb it, tease it too,
but fighting gray.... will not do!

Be happy or at least content
that all your hair to hell ain't went.
Yes, the gray is here for now to stay,
but baldness may strike you any day!

(October 8, 2014)

by Bri Edwards

Comments (2)

a funny poem that sends a message of if you have still got it (colour does not matter) don't knock it! ...........well penned Bri
but baldness may strike you any day! Alopecia is no more related to age, it strikes anyone irrespective of gender, culture, continent and other variables. I can definitely say it does not relate to sexual orientation, but then why so many young and aspiring people have lost their crown. Does it relate to any medication or vaccination people had got when they were young. and this issue is not at all a joke, considering and imagining that half of the population of the world in the next centuries affected with this issue..