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WO (3 february 1995 / lagos)


If only time throbbed in the heart of that snail
As it starts climbing that hill beyond the vale,
I would wait on this shore without pain
For two hundred years to see you again.
To see those eyes that, like stars, gleam
Those eyes I've only seen in a dream.

But time strolls with lightening, passing me by
Thus, I have only known you in a dream
That lasted for seconds, startling my eye.
'Twas two years ago, I saw you in a beam,
Looking outside, swinging that gate ajar.
But months later, you moved your fingers.

The motion of your fingers, translated with a scream
To a message that ended the dream.
And if fate is that wicked mail man
That squeezed this poem into a trash can,
Just know - I'ld wait, if time killed its pace
For two thousand years, to see your face.
This time around, Not in a dream!
But drinking from life's calming stream.

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This is lovely..i love it