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Great Again!

Let's make America great once again
By getting rid of all of its corruption and sin,
For freedom and justice, liberty would win
But, then who America would we let in.

Into this country who would be allowed
Of course no large groups or even a small crowd,
Others not so great could easily be disavowed
Then we the ones staying, would be alone and proud.

Let's make America as it was once was before
When no one needed or wanted any more,
Before segregation and of course before any war
And before slavery, and before people were poor.

Our country would be great as it was in its past
When no one was ever bullied or harassed,
Our country once again could be unsurpassed
But, sadly because of politicians and people, it won't last.

"Let's make America Great Again" is the chant and buzz
But, to remember that time or era no one really does,
I love American for the dreams and hopes and just because
America it is great now, as it always was.

Inside history books there are facts and a simple truth
To discover them, we don't need to be a scholar or a sleuth,
And they are taught and learned in our youth
Then they should all be remembered, at the voting booth.

"Let's make America great once again! "
Are the words screamed and cursed by women and men,
Then to them all I give them a chuckle and a grin
I then reply in a debate, "America wasn't great" tell me when?

To live in equality and peace without holding hate
Not to judge others by their religions or faith or their fate,
Never to get offender or mad when asked how to translate
Treating all as equals with eyes closed, is what makes a country great.

Randy L. McClave

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