HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Great Airline Price Increase

Speeding to the airport for a flight,
Horrified upon arrival - prices tripled AGAIN just overnight!
Almost everything now has a fee,
Forget about anything being free?
Take a blanket or a pillow,
Irritating part of a never ending financial peccadillo?
Not a single free drink,
Gosh, even a charge for the glass - you think?

Take a visit to the restroom,
High fee to even flush does loom?
Expect a charge for a desired seat,

Probably another for where to place my feet?
Unloading the overhead bin,
Better deposit coins and bills to retrieve what's within?
Leaving the airplane gangway -
Insult added to dismay -
Could not LEAVE unless AGAIN I pay?

Remembering the video of Paul Revere and the Raiders performing 'The Great Airplane Strike'. Geez, I'm older than John McCain and Grandpa Simpson COMBINED?

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