'Great Divide'

Some shall Apostasies from you Lord,
Satan's grip upon their souls.

Sheep from goats' wandering, in confusion of self.
Wonder what now to become of them?

Drifting as sailless ships' upon the seas.
Departing from the faith they once knew,
Foretold by Paul through first Timothy.

Yet not taking heed to the message written within,
Caught up in a spiders' web of ones' aimless desires.

Soon to be devoured by their own wants and lusts.
Some faithful so deeply on fire for you my Father.
Yet those that sit in a well of confusion of your word.

Spitting out all that is of God and the Holy Spirit.
Now swallowing and gourging down sin,
Replacing their hunger and thirst for you.

Satan's great divide now in place.
His plan unfolding as written so long ago.
God forgive us, for we know of what we do.

by Linda Winchell

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