Great Expectations

Expecting always-nice things to happen,
leads us to dream in great expectation.

A flower budding in my love garden,
soars my expectations sky high,
the bud transforms into a beautiful rose,
only the feelings and rival expectations make it die,
the ensuing sadness strangles my great expectations.

The love song music playing in background,
creates expectations of attaining the love divine,
only the melancholy music and lyrics sinks my heart,
the loneliness overwhelms my great expectations.

The silent overcast of Stratus clouds,
fills my expectations with the hopes of romantic landscape,
My love and me would be rolling in snow united as one,
the stark cold freezes my imagination to a smiling snowman,
his waving hand gesture makes farewell to my great expectations.

I hope the rays of great expectations keep shining on me,
If the shine turns into dark shadows, my great expectations will die with me.

by Jay P Narain

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I also hope the rays of great expectations keep shining on you! A wonderful write. Patricia Gale