Horns to bulls wise Nature lends;
Horses she with hoofs defends;
Hares with nimble feet relieves;
Dreadful teeth to lions gives;
Fishes learn through streams to slide;
Birds through yielding air to glide;
Men with courage she supplies;
But to women these denies.
What then gives she? Beauty, this
Both their arms and armour is:
She, that can this weapon use,
Fire and sword with ease subdues.

by Anacreon

Comments (3)

Now I want to go antiquing through Grannies' cottage, same as I did when I read your poem about Grannies' attic. What joy that you have these things to remember, a blessing to be sure. Scarlett
A lovely tale! Wonderfully written. I did so enjoy Patricia Gale
A calling from the past, tales not of woe but of something warmed by the writers fire.Thankyou for this.Love Duncan