NT ( / Ireland)

Great Kindness

When I look into your face
and see
the sadness
behind your smile
great kindness fills me
and the grief
of the whole world
mingles through mine

by Norah Tunney

Comments (4)

The grief of the whole world! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
To feel another's pain hurts. You want to mend their sadness, You feel every ache. There is too much heartache out there. Thank You Norah
Such a concise expression of compassion, thanks Norah
I am reading Oliver twist. A slow but touching journey. The great kindness so alien to him. A tale of decency and greed, the polar extremes and we earthly travelers live somewhere in between, The sadness behind the smile, so often self-inflicted if only by caring too much.....subtle beauty so lovingly revealed.