Great Love.

Love the nature, in its highest terms
Nature, and love, the integrated love
An effort of thought on love and nature
Real, and natural way of beauty of mind.

Nature, the earth, the whole universe
Billions of stars and galaxies
The great home star the brightest sun
The symbol of love and part of nature.

The comets, different planetary systems
Trying by the humans understand the mysteries
A way of love we expresses in gratitude
The Dominating natural phenomenons there
Where we love with fear and respect always.

The great water falls, and river systems
The great mountains and peaks of beauty
The deep oceans, and wild and water species
We love with care and concern, to live with.
Love, Love, the nature always for survival.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Comments (2)

love of nature is a reflection of our own without love of nature can never be trusted...
The overuse of love and nature actually kinda helps get the point across.