There are many roads we face in this thing called life,
some take us to heights unparalleled,
Some are filled with precious stones, pebbles, that leave a bright glimmer like the sun,
Others lead us back around to our favorite places we've passed,
One of my favorite roads takes me past your smile and a warm welcome,
Next to the wells that nurishes the plants that grow well,
to become trees. That soar high to over look the heights of growing,
A glorious feat, as all trees aren't fortuate to grow as tall,
but upon this road accompained with warmness,
The sun always shines followed by your warm hello.
I hope this monday,
Shines brighter than any other
Monday, In your eye,
As Garfield always hated this day,
Make the most of it

by Kewayne Wadley

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Adrienne, i actually read this when you first posted it and liked it very much- thanks so much for enjoying my poems enough to be write a poem about them. May the saints and devils bless and keep you ;)
Excellent..... From a glowing, poetic demon. =)