Great Minds Always Encounter Violent Opposition

The Philosopher
The Analyst
The Seeker
The Poet

'discovering the
core of things
has gifted you
with the ability
to separate
the true
from the false
Some may detect
'A Glow'
(refined and inspirational)
and some
may see 'A Demon'
(a degenerate enthusiast)
but one thing
for sure-
you have a powerful effect
on anyone
who enters your world-
changing us
by accelerating the pace
of our own growth'.

by Adryan Barnathan

Comments (2)

Adrienne, i actually read this when you first posted it and liked it very much- thanks so much for enjoying my poems enough to be write a poem about them. May the saints and devils bless and keep you ;)
Excellent..... From a glowing, poetic demon. =)